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I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Red Cross Certified Lifeguard and Mobile Health, Fitness, Lifestyle Coach with a passion for helping others with their dream of living a healthier life.  

But I wasn’t always that healthy myself.

At the age of 37, I weighed 205 lbs (on a 5’7″ frame) and I hated myself.  I was in physical and emotional pain, all the time.  I decided to make a change; so I joined a gym, hired a trainer and learned how to workout and eat.

It was scary!

I didn’t know how to use the machines, I didn’t know what to workout; I was afraid of hurting myself and intimidated by the other people there.  Adam Wilson, my trainer, helped me to become a member of that gym community and to lose 40 lbs.   Once he taught me to walk on my own, I did that for awhile, taking my weight down another 20 lbs to a grand total loss of 60 lbs!  Wanting to learn more, I trained with a series of trainers who gave me a wider range of knowledge about the body and exercise and nutrition.  Studying with trainers like Anthony Riente, Brian Vezina and Ray Scalvino inspired me to the wish to inspire others by becoming a trainer.  I joined the New York School of Personal Training, where Matthew Jenkins taught me what I needed to know to become certified by the American Council of Exercise.  With that certification, I would like to spend the rest of my life changing peoples’ lives the way those teachers, mentioned above, changed mine.

A Training Video

For years, I trained friends for free, for the simple love of the workout and helping others.  When not actively training them in the gym or my home or Central Park, I found great joy and pleasure in making little videos with healthy recipes or workout tips, which I posted to my Youtube channel (they are posted in the Health and Fitness Tips section of this website, by the way!)  Some of the friends that I have trained have offered up testimonials for this website.  

A Healthy Recipe Video

Speaking of working with me; it is my intent to make health and fitness possible for anyone.  I don’t believe in personal trainers who cost so much that people can’t afford them.  I’m going to make it a point to keep rates that make it easy for people to have a trainer to inspire them to move forward into good health.  It’s hard to be inspired when you are worrying about your bank balance.  

Another Healthy Recipe

I am a contributing writer for EDGE magazine and the website Edge On The Net — I have a health and fitness column there; the stories I have written area lso posted in the Health and Fitness section of my website.

Another Training Video

I look forward to meeting, chatting with and, hopefully, working with many who wish to make the move into a longer, healthier and happier lifestyle.

Another Training Video


I came to Stephen for personal training shortly after finishing rehab for a torn left meniscus and sprains in both of my knees.  Realizing that general fitness, weight loss and increased strength and balance were essential if I were to resume my lifelong passion for playing tennis, Stephen carefully guided me through a training regimen that has served me ever since. I lost 35 lbs. and have maintained the weight loss for nearly three years.  I play tennis more vigorously than I have since my 20s.  My cardio fitness has increased dramatically.  Running up the subway station steps is now a breeze.   —Mitchell Waters

A Very Special Training Video

Stephen Mosher is a dynamo!  He also possesses the talent of making you feel like you are the most important person in the room.  Always.  I never really wanted to go to my training sessions, but once I got there, Stephen would get me so jazzed that I couldn’t help but to get into it.  I’m not gonna lie though, he pushes you hard…harder than you think you can go.  But that’s what gets results.  And isn’t this why we hire a trainer in the first place?  If we’re just simply going to casually walk around the gym and/or watch videos whilst strolling on the treadmill without even breaking a sweat, we can save our money and just go it alone, no?   — Jennifer Houston

I had been working out regularly for years, often with trainers, with little to no results.  When I began working with Stephen, there was an immediate impact.  He has permanently changed the way I work out, and the way I look, feel and feel about myself.  He also did something no other trainer has done for me, which was to make me look forward to my workout sessions.  — Allan Piper

When I started working out with Stephen I had no idea what I was doing.  Stephen’s patience, respect, love for his craft and his clients ie like no other.  He gives you the confidence you need to start a healthy and happy journey to your fitness goal(s).  He taught me the fundamentals needed for my body specifically.  Those tools/workouts he instilled in me, I still use to this day.  The thing I love most about Stephen is the fact that he takes you on a journey.  Not the kind of journey with an ending, a life long journey that leads you to a life full of health and happiness.  —Dominic Sheahan-Stahl

I thought of a million reasons not to get a personal trainer: time, money, effort, accountability, quality.  But Stephen blasted all of my doubts out of the water.  He worked with me at my pace and with my specific goals in mind.  With his help, I not only met but EXCEEDED my expectations of myself.  My diet has never been better, my arms have never been bigger, and who knew my butt could look like that?!  I highly recommend partnering with a trainer like Stephen; his high energy and personal commitment to his clients made all the difference for me.  Book him soon because I’ve already shared his number with all of my friends.  — Hunter Gilmore

Stephen has always been, and always will be, my go-to-person for fitness support and knowledge.  He has helped train me in the gym off and on for 6 years and has been an invaluable resource in my endeavors to get healthier and happier.  His knowledge of the body, how it works and how best to train it for maximum results is extensive and he is always ready and willing to share it with you.  Along with that, he has a great repertoire of nutritious, delicious food suggestions and ideas that not only helped me reach my goals, but kept me happy and satisfied throughout.   But most importantly, in my opinion, are Stephen’s reliability and dependability.  These two qualities in a trainer are so crucial for clients who need that extra push in any and all parts of their lives.  He truly strives to be a pillar of support for the people he trains, and exceeded that expectation with me, with is why I believe I truly succeeded in becoming healthier.  — Josh Blye

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