Lived In Crazy

Lived In Crazy is the story of life.  

Encouraged by many, I have written a memoir that I have designed to be like a box of candy.  The stories in this book are told without chronology so that the reader can select a story and see what they get — smiles, tears, laughter, lessons or something completely different.  The stories alternate — the first being one about my life, the next being one about a celebrity photo shoot, mostly from the creation of my first book THE SWEATER BOOK (2003 St. Martin’s Press).  There are stories about my colorful family, my unique thirty-six year marriage to actor Pat Dwyer, the documentary film about us titled Married… And Counting, and how we navigate having an open relationship.  There are stories about my family’s association to old Hollywood and the circus, and my own battles to succeed in the arts.  I recount photo shoots with Maggie Smith, Donna Murphy, Alec Baldwin, Christopher Meloni, Laura Linney, Tony Goldwyn, Glenn Close, Judi Dench and many more, including the stories behind my shoots of four major Stephen Sondheim events.  I share my struggles with alcohol and my weight, and there are lessons about living healthy and staving off depression. 

With the book Lived In Crazy I hope to inspire others to live in the light, to be authentic to themselves, to lend a helping hand to those who need one, and to take the hands that reach out to help them.  I hope people will find these stories interesting, amusing, moving and uplifting.

Below is a photo gallery that corresponds with the book, chapter by chapter — just click on the photos to get the visual experience.


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