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In 2019 Robert Diamond, the CEO of, asked me if I would become the head writer and Editor of the Cabaret page for BWW. I asked if he had read anything I had written, to which he replied: “I read everything you write.” At the time I was a contributing writer for the website HOTCHKA and I was well known to be a bit voluble. I told Robert if he wanted a verbose writer to cover the cabaret and concert scene of New York City, he had one.

I have been happily working for BWW since.

To read the reviews and interviews I have been doing for Broadwayworld, please visit my author page at the link below – but be sure to check out what the other writers working with me have written, because they are all passionate enthusiasts of the art form and wonderful writers with a personal point of view. Together, we have been doing everything we can to elevate the dialogue between the cabaret community and the public. So far, I think we’re doing a pretty good job. AND I found a reason to get my camera out of mothballs.

I can’t wait to see what comes next. There is so much talent out there.

Broadwayworld Author Page Stephen Mosher HERE and Hotchka Author Page Stephen Mosher HERE.

For those interested in reading my other reviews and interviews, my author link to HOTCHKA is here:

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