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I’m Stephen Mosher; and just yesterday I was at a taping of an Oprah’s Life Class where she and Deepak Chopra said we all have to answer the question “who am I?” … Not what we do, but who we are.  Today, I began building this site and up first is: About Me.  So, for the people who need to know what I have done, I offer this paragraph:

I was born in Texas and raised in various places around America and Europe.  I am the son of a Marine, so I am a fighter.  My mother and her mother is/was an artist, so I am a lover.  My grandfathers were gentlemen, so I am a gentleman.  My father’s mother was a lady, so I treat women the way she would have liked.  In my life I have worked at many different things and enjoyed most of them.  For awhile (in my youth) I did some acting.  For a long time I worked as a photographer.  I love to write and I have a passion for health and fitness.  I currently work in the health and fitness field, serve as Editor and head writer for Broadwayworld Cabaret, and spend my time with my family. I have spent a fair amount of time focusing on my activism on behalf of the gay community, particularly regarding Equality, and I am always vocal about the need for diversity in all areas of life.  My husband and I are the subjects of a documentary about love and the lack of equality in America; the film is called MARRIED AND COUNTING.  That tells you a little of what I have done.  This is who I am:

I am on a quest to learn, to grow and to evolve into the greatest version of myself I can be.  I feel everything deeply, and the emotions I experience most often are love and longing – a longing to help, a longing to see, a longing to do.   I am devoted to my family, am a dedicated vegan, and I have a relationship with animals and with the earth.  These things keep me balanced.  It took a long time for me to admit what a flawed human being I am; but once I did, it became easier to deal with it and allow myself to evolve.  I have this website to share with people my story and my history.  Here you will find examples of my photography, my writing, many of my adventures, my passion for health and fitness, my activism and my journey, which is ongoing.  I am my own invention; I am the author of my own story, which is a happy one.

I hope that, by visiting my site, you will find something to take into your journey, something to help you realize the greatest expression of who you are.

Peace and




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