The Complete Works of a One-Time Blogger

Dear Reader.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I am incredibly flattered that anyone would want to read anything I’ve written, would want to hear anything that I have to say.

There appears to be something wrong with my website and people are not able to access any blog page after number one, so I am sharing all of the links to all of my blog postings, for future reference, for anyone who cares to read what I have written over the years.

Thanks for reading, all this time.  I appreciate your support and interest.





On Stopping Time

On The Final Days

On Blogging

On The Story Teller

On Liza Minnelli

On Acceptance

On God

On Hallmark Christmas Movies

On Forgiveness

On Christmas Music

On The Clock

On Self-Created Illness

On the Mosaic

On Elizabeth McGovern and Time and the Conways

On Rejection

On the DVD Collection

On Hoarding

On The Hotel

On Being a Role Model

On Gym Etiquette

On Being Supportive

On Staying Alive

On The Yo Yo Waistline

On Bernadette Peters

On The North Wind

On The Sunglasses

On Retirement

Free—And it feels so good

The Found Weekend –I Once Was Lost

Proactive Summer – Keep it Fit

5 Rules When Picking Out a Gym – Shop Right

The Buddy System – Workout Together

The First Goodbye – When a Friend Dies

Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jonathan Groff and a Life Lived in Service – I love them

Resolution Time – Make it worthwhile

Gymless Training – Who needs a Membership?

5 Tips On Keeping That Swimsuit Body – It’s Cold Outside

The Thought of Training – Health and Fitness is Paramount

An Ambitionless Life – Enlightenment

RX for Pride Panic – Gettin’ Ready for Love

The Gay In the Light – That be Me

Christmas Day 2014

Confessions of a Broadway Stay-Put – Well, most of the time, anyway

Gee, Thanks – Another Thanksgiving?

The Cancer Dust Up – I hate cancer

Defending Keira Knightly – I love her

Fatblaster Fucking – Can YOU Think of  Better Way to Burn Calories?

The Gratitude Project –Thanks

My Favorite Broadway – I just love it

The Proust Questionnairere at Fifty – It is Worth re Examining

Sexy Is As Sexy Does – In My Opinion

Back to Basics – Work It Out

Damn!  How did you Get That ASS?!  — It’s All in the Title

Get Fit With Frittatas – Yummy

For Optimum Health Eat, Sleep, Relax and Have Great Sex – Nuff Said

Leg Day – An Inconvenient Truth – Don’t Skip It!

Alternative Weight Lifting with BOSU – It’s All About Balance

No Gym?  No Problem – Do it Anywhere

This Photographer’s Focus on The Bridges of Madison County – Why It Was The Best

The Bridges of Madison County on Broadway – The Best Thing I Ever Saw

Breaking, Bad—Handle Your Shit

Gun Control – Blast those Arms

Fitness in the Palm of Your Hand – Get the App!

Healthy Recipe Tips to Compliment Your Workout – It’s a Two Pronged Attack

An Every Day Guide to Resolutions –Happy New Year!

Plan Ahead for New Year’s Partying – Be Safe

Breaking the Holiday Habit – No Gains

Play Yourself Fit – Alternate Exercise Programs that are Fun

Break the Crash Diet Cycle – You can do it

Thanks a Lot and Out with the Garbage – On the Death of a Friendship

The Thanksgiving Day Story – Grateful Grateful Truly Grateful I Am

Broken – On Alcoholism

Still Gatsby – No I’m not an expert

The White Light – On Choosing Joy

Broadway’s Jekyll and Hyde Revival Revived Me

Helen Reddy Welcome Home – It’s about my favorite Pop Diva

Hug it Out Bitch – Why I never fight with friends

Maggie Smith and The Sweater Book – The title says it all

Anita Gillette After All – The nightclub act of Show Business Royalty

The Birthday Party in Action – It’s Showtime

The Birthday Party – The work of a Party Planner

The Thousandth Like – I’m not mentioned, I’m exposed

The Story of Rachel – Where my Inner Child Lives

Lights, Please –Christmastime Is Here

A Modern Family Christmas Memory – Christmas with a Modern Twist

Dreaming of Diane Lane in Sweet Bird of Youth – My favorite On Stage Live

Reverie – On the importance of Dreams

Twenty Twenty – Seeing one another

Nate – On the Life of an Angel on Earth

Abdication – On the Death of the Drama Queen

There But For the Grace of God – Accountability in Life and Death

Food For Thought:  Baba Ganoush and Pomegranate – Amazing

Food For Thought:  That Delicious Complex Carb –Sweet potatoes – Yum

Food For Thought: Cabbage Raisin Recipe – One that I really love

Food For Thought: Green Bean Recipe – Sharing a Healthy recipe

Intro to Healthy Eating Part Three – Wrapping it up

Intro to Healthy Eating Part Two – Let’s keep going

Intro To Healthy Eating Part One – Let’s get Healthy!

It Gets Better – Our It Gets Better Video

Creationism – The Creativity spawned by the Internet

Be Still My Beating Heart – Celebrity Crushes

The (Not so)Giving Nature Center – Disgruntled Customer

Being Fat Was Over – about my change from fat to fit

Blogging About Blogging – My first blog on Stephen Mosher Com


Before I started my blog on my website I had blogs on blogspot and live journal – not to mention Myspace and Facebook notes!!.  Here is a link to my Blogspot blog and all the stories are archived there , for anyone interested:


I went into my files and found the link for my LiveJournal blog and it is still active!!  So, for posterity and for anyone who wants to read what I have written over the years, here they are.  There’s no real theme, it’s just what struck my fancy at the time.  The dates are on the blogs so you can pretty much follow who I was and what I was into at what stage of my life.  At one time I was just blogging Christmas cookie recipes.  My own son said “Dad I can’t read your blog, it’s nothing but recipes”  — but then my mom told me “I can’t look at a computer screen long enough to read one of your stories” – so that tells you how verbose I can tend to be.  It’s all up to you, the reader.

Here I am providing the links and a word or two to let you know the theme of each sotry.

Peace, all.



On Kathleen Turner

On the musical The Fantasticks in my life

On quitting a job

On New York City

On Peggy Lee

On the nature of Friendship

It’s a Scandal It’s an Outrage

On the TV show American Family

On managing Anger

On life and death

On Kate Mulgrew

On the end of a friendship

Musings on Life

Memories inspired by TV watching

On the movie Stepmom and our Parents

Out of the mouths of babes

Jesus in NYC

Mouse in the House

On the life of an artist

Reflections on Life

Musings on Living

On Thanksgiving

On my first retirement

On the success of friends

Nancy LaMott part one

Nancy LaMott part two

Nancy LaMott part three

On The Boy From Oz

On The Boy From Oz part two

Nancy LaMott part four

Nancy LaMott part five

On the death of the Artist

On a failure to communicate

On addiction

On Driving

On Agnes of God of film

On waking up early

One of those ‘get to know your friends’ surveys we all used to do

The time I shared all my friends’ website links

Those surveys we used to do? We could make them too.  This long one was mine.

The Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe

Deborah Cox and AIDA

Marilyn Monroe, Poet

Musings on a Treadmill

On Mario Cantone

On Infomercials

Golden Raisin Rosemary Muffin Recipe

On Carrie Bradshaw


On Annette Bening and Being Julia

On my love of Music


Cinnamon Nibbles


Orange Pecan Muffins

Tough Love

Cranberry Almond Sour Cream Muffins

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe

Nutmeg Muffins

Great Christmas CDs

Rice Pudding

Blueberry Muffins

A Christmas Carol The Movie

On Being Gay (not by me – this was a share)

Apple Pie

Peanut Butter Cookies

On Steel Pier and Kander & Ebb

Christmas Cookies

Chess Pie

December Activity

Katharine Hepburn Brownies

On Politics and Apathy

On celebrities coming out

I was spring cleaning.  All this stuff is gone.  But it’s fun to see what I had.

More spring cleaning.  Boy I spent a lot of money on stuff

Spring cleaning again.  It’s all gone now.

On Oscars 2005

Dog Sitting

On Beautiful Women

Dream Casting Follies

I am all Random

Happiness is a Choice

Christians Protesting

On Growing Up

Being Julia


On Botox

On the futility of hatred

On Broadway Theater and The Glass Menagerie

On the Loves of my Life

That time I passed The Dalys on the street

On The Light in the Piazza

On Bad Mannered People

On Movies that feel like Old Friends

On the most Horrendous Celebrity I have ever met: David Suchet

On Standing Up Karen Mason

Another of those Survey Things

On Naming My Body Parts

Musical Musings

What’s in an Ipod?

CD Reviews

Animal Story

On Sunset Boulevard the Musical

Early Morning Activities

CD Reviews

On Vanity

On Jukebox Musicals

On Sheena Easton

On Relationships on an Early Morning


On Not Voting

On Maria Friedman

On purging your stuff

On Leg Day

On Open Relationships

On a regional theater production of Hello Dolly

On the Struggle being real

On Going Home

On Childhood and the Movies

On Brothers

On Success and Failure

On Testicular Cancer

On Dancing

On Witnessing Each Other’s Lives

On Self Examination and Respect

On Seasons of Love and NYC and Me

On The Holiday Bloodbath

On Talking on the Phone

Survey by Fours


On Diane Lane

Proust Questionnaire

On the departure of a Teacher

Pivot Questionnaire

On Weakness and Strength

On a New Trainer

On Plain Jane Jones

Happy Twentieth Anniversary, baby

On Getting in Shape

Tonys 2006

On Julia Roberts

Epic Survey

On Gay Pride

On Mame Dennis

On Bad Plastic Surgery

On Boundaries

On Alcoholism

Annalisa’s Adventure

On Follies

On Peaceful Warrior

The Then and Now Survey


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