Fitness in the Palm of Your Hand

My editor at EDGE ON THE NET asked me for a story about Fitness Apps, an area of expertise that is out of my scope, so I did some research, asked some questions and learned some interesting things.

My trainer and I were discussing fitness apps the other day because I, having been involved with health and fitness for awhile, have preferred doing things the way I already know to do them; but he, younger and more technology savvy than I, has fallen in love with the app community.  He was pushing me to try the app My Fitness Pal.  So I decided to research it, which led to me researching a lot of other apps.  Now I am really into this!  I’ve made a list of some of the apps I want to try, based on what I have read online.  Try them out with me!


MY FITNESS PAL.  Free.  Their website says it is available on Iphone, Android, Blackberry, Ipad and Windows.  The app is designed to help you track your food and your exercise and it has a listing of over a million foods (around 1.4, according to one review) and their nutritional value and caloric intake.  My trainer swears by it and I love free.


LOSE IT.  Free.  Available on Iphone and Android.  This app is to help you lose weight (something most of us want to do, especially since spring is just weeks away).  By inputting your food intake and your exercises, the app will tell you how much you have eaten, how much you have burned and how much you have left to eat.  It’s database is extensive and the potential to input the most detailed information is a bonus.  One review says it is the number one app on itunes and a big plus is that you can socialize with friends with this app and lose weight together.  Spread the joy.


SKIMBLE.  Free.  Available on Iphone and Android.  This workout app shows thousands of workouts on videos.  These workouts are taught by personal trainers who are experts in their field.  Like LOSE IT, this app has a feature that allows you to share the experience with friends; or you can keep your workouts private and stun them when they see you on the beach next summer.  There is, by the way, a paid upgrade that gives you more options.  Options is good.


YOGA FREE.  Free.  Available on Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch.  My son switched from weights to yoga a few years ago and has maintained an insane physique; so I just joined my first yoga class!  I am digging this app because it has over 250 classes and poses.  It is reviewed as “user friendly”, which I need, and it includes videos and inspirational quotes and music.  It isn’t locked in, either – you can change the flow, the routines, the intensity, the duration, depending on how your strength as a yoga master grows.  I don’t think we stretch enough and this is the year that I change that for myself.


FITOCRACY.  Free.  Available on Android, iOS and Web.  One of the few apps I have seen reviewed for iOS, Fitocracy sounds wonderful because it uses interaction and competition to spur you on and keep you dedicated.  You can track your workouts (many various workouts, too) and you can post status messages about those workouts, getting feedback and support from the Fitocracy community.  We can all use a little more support, always.


NIKE TRAINING CLUB.  Free.  Available on Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch.  This app that focuses on all levels of fitness has nearly 100 workouts, designed by celebrity trainers, that focus on cardio, core and strength training.  The videos demonstrate the workouts and (this is my favourite part) you can set up a playlist from your personal music library and set it to your workout.  Without my music, my workouts wouldn’t be half as much fun.


FITNESS BUILDER.  $9.99.  Their website says it is available on iOS, Web and Android.  One reviewer calls it the mother of all fitness apps, which is what made me think I would spend ten bucks on it.  Then I looked at their website and was convinced, further, to spend the dough.  Just check it out and you will see:


I’m really looking forward to trying out these apps with you and hearing your feedback!  Together, we will get into the best shape of our lives!

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