The Thousandth Like

Some time ago, in an effort to boost interest in the Facebook page for our film MARRIED AND COUNTING, I offered an incentive to people to click on the LIKE button.  I said I would post, publicly, some nude photos I had done awhile ago.  I mean, why not?  I’m not shy about my body.  I am shy about some things.  For example, I don’t meet strangers very well.  At work I do; but at a party where I am a guest?  Oh, no.  I’m shy about people knowing whether or not I am stupid (trust me, I flee certain conversations in an attempt to not show my ignorance).  I am TERRIBLY shy about performing in front of an audience, especially if it involves singing.  It’s the complexity of being me.  Sometimes shy, others not. 

But, after all, we’re just talking about a body.  People go to nude beaches, artists’ models pose nude, people change in front of strangers in gym locker rooms.  Why be shy about your body?  Particularly when you work as hard as I did to look the way I do in the photos.  It should be noted, though, that the photos are years old.  Since having them done, I have suffered near crippling back injury that kept me from training.  I don’t look like this anymore; though I am back in training and will look like this again.  These photos are a reminder of where I’ve been and of where I am going.

The photos seen here were done at three different times.  The colour photos of me sitting on a bed and looking out a window are  self portraits.  The photos shot against the black backdrop were done by Ben Strothmann; and the photos that show me at my buffest (and the ones that show me at my most exposed) were done by the famous photographer Thomas Synnamon.  I am very proud to have been photographed by Ben and Thomas – they are artists of the highest degree.  They have my respect and admiration.

I remember the episode of Sex and the City where Samantha has her nudes done.  She was over 40 and a beautiful, sexy, vibrant woman.  We live in an ageist society.  I was probably 45 or 46 when I did my photos.  I actually think everyone should do photos like this.  It is incredibly freeing – and one day, you’ll want to look back and say “wasn’t I a dish?”

So, as I have been typing this, the MARRIED AND COUNTING Facebook page has reached 998 likes.  By the time I finish, it will hit 1000 and I will have to make good on this promise.  Nervous?  A little.  Backing down?  Absolutely not.   This is just another step in my journey toward absolute freedom.

Please note:  mom, dad, nieces, nephews, siblings – anyone who is at all concerned over seeing me in the alltogether, I advise you, highly, not to look at these photos.  It isn’t possible to unsee things.

Thank you to all who have liked the MARRIED AND COUNTING Facebook page.  If you haven’t done it yet, please do.  It’s a very good film and one that Pat Dwyer, Jennifer Houston and Allan Piper share great pride in, with me.  It has a wonderful message and an entertaining storyline.  Also, while you are on my website, please take a moment to check out some of my photography, other blog entries and health and fitness tips.  You’ll learn…

I’m much more than a thousand words.


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