Food For Thought – That Delicious Complex Carb, Sweet Potatoes

I eat a lot of sweet potatoes. They are delish and they are complex carbohydrates – that means they will give you fuel without making you fat. I eat them in the fall and winter when my trainer and I are bulking me up, building me more muscle. You should google search the difference between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates to fully understand why one type is good for you and the other isn’t. Talk to a nutritionist or a doctor or read up on it, ok?

Here’s the thing about sweet potatoes and yams (google that, too, to learn the difference between them). I double wrap them in tin foil and I bake them until they are soft to the touch. Really soft and gushy, ok? I don’t like them when they are on the harder side – when they have been baked so long that they become soft and gushy, they carmelize and make natural sugars. Most people have to put a lot of junk on their sweet potatoes/yams. Butter. Sugar. Brown Sugar. Marshmallows. Bullshit. No, not on the food. That’s what I think about ruining the taste of a good sweet potato with all that other stuff. Bullshit. If you bake these root vegetables to the point of being really soft, the point where they actually do make their own natural sugars, you can eat them warm from the oven and be HAPPY. You can pre bake them and put them in the fridge and re heat them or just grab them and eat them cold. I love them like that. I put them, wrapped, in the fridge and when I need a fast snack or some fast fuel or something sweet, I grab one, unwrap it and eat it (sometimes with a fork, sometimes with my fingers) and they are delicious cold.

In the video I show you a way that Pat and I do it, on occasion, for a treat.

Take the potato (whether freshly baked or out of the fridge), slice it, throw in a small handful of jumbo flame raisins (my favourites but you can use Thompson if you want) a sprinkle of cinnamon, a drizzle of honey ONLY a drizzle and then close it back up and zap it in the microwave for a few seconds. It heats up the honey and raisins and makes them juicy and tender. It’s REALLY yummy. Pat and I only do this now and then, though; it’s a lot of sugar.

Another thing we do is to take a non stick skillet and heat up some walnut oil or peanut oil and when it is hot, toss some pecans in it. After about a minute of warming the nuts through, I drizzle on a small drizzle of honey and after 30 seconds, empty the pan onto the baked sweet potato. Also delish.

It’s autumn. It’s cold. You can eat these without guilt.

Be happy.



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