It Gets Better

At the request of a dear friend, I am posting the It Gets Better video that Pat and I made for the IT GETS BETTER campaign.  Dan Savage and his husband created the campaign as a response to a rash of teen suicides brought on by gay bashing.  Pat and I love and respect Dan so much for his work and for this particular crusade of his.   The gay youth needs role models, people to whom they can look up, examples of the great life you can live.  The website for their campaign is


The moment I heard about the campaign I knew I wanted to do a video.  I knew I would have to be honest and up front about my struggles as a teen (hell.. into my 20s) and how I got out from under the thumb of suicidal tendencies.  So I gave it my best honesty, trying to not get to heavy handed.  I hope it worked.  Even for one person.


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