Intro to Healthy Eating Pt. 1

I’m going into the vaults .. back to last year or so (I have a BAD concept of the passage of time; it feels like we shot this last year but maybe it was longer) to post some videos I made for our Youtube channel about healthy eating.   I get (a lot of!) requests for advice on how I did it and how others can do it.  Lose weight.  So I tried to make a library to which I could refer people.  Some of these videos were uploaded to Youtube while others are waiting in the wings.

So, it is spring and people have started asking again: how can I get in shape?

These are the ramblings of a non certified non expert.  I’m just a guy.  One who did it.  And for the record, I’ma include two photos – one of me at my fattest and one of me at my fittest.  Then, the videos.

Just remember:  if I can do it, you can do it.




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