Food for Thought – CabbageRaisin Recipe

Here’s one of the favourites at our house.  Worth the effort.

This is easy and really delish – very popular when I serve it to friends; and when I make it for Pat and myself, honestly, there is seldom any leftover to put in the fridge (though it is equally good cold from the fridge at 3 am).

You’ll need a head of green cabbage and a head of purple cabbage. Slice it up into strips, like you would if you were making cole slaw. You can put it through your food processor or whatever machine you use – I like to slice it myself.

You’ll need a skillet with a deep well (all my skillets are non stick) so you have room to work.

Add some olive oil – not a LOT but not too little or you have nothing with which to work. Just lightly coat the bottom of the pan. Heat it up (medium flame! Nothing needs a high flame) and then add handfuls of green, then purple cabbage, pausing between each handful to add spice. You may dice onion and garlic or use the powdered kind (NOT garlic SALT or onion SALT). I use those two and my usual, crushed red pepper. As the cabbage cooks down, add two more handfuls, spice; cook it down. Stir it often, ok? Burnt food sucks. When you have a nice consistency, with some strips of cabbage being cooked way down and some still crunchy and all your spices, toss in some sunflower seeds and mix them in. (By the way, if you get to a point where you feel your olive oil has cooked away and you need to add another drizzle, go for it – just don’t overdo it; moderation rules). After the sunflowers have cooked in for about a minute, add some raisins. I prefer to use Jumbo Flame Raisins that I buy at the Westerly health food market on 8th and 54th; you can use whatever you like. Stir and Cook. Get it all mixed in there, taste test to see if it is too spicy or not enough. You’ll know when you are done.

Serve to your guests and watch it disappear!




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