Pat and I were having dinner with Hunter and Danny and, near the 2nd hour of hanging, eating and talking about everything under the sun, Danny excitedly said “YOU should have a TALK SHOW!” and I laughed and said “You can’t do a talk show about musicals you like and how you lost ten pounds… you have to talk about other things.”  His reply was “Well then You should have a BLOG!”  Hunter leaned in and said “Honey, he has a blog.”

“What’s it about?!”

“Musicals I like and how I lost ten pounds.”

Maybe that should be the name of my blog.  Musicals I like.. and How I Lost Ten Pounds.

I always seem to be trying to lose ten pounds; but aren’t we all?

I’ve recently been looking at the blogosphere.  I was at a party the other day and I met a handful of other bloggers.  I’ve actually become with friends through our mutual blogs.  Two of my favourite people in the world were introduced to me through the blogosphere, in fact.  And sometimes I have noted some derision toward blogging and bloggers.  I suppose people can feel that way and I guess it is ok for them to deride away — but I can’t bring myself to do so.  Don’t get me wrong, there are blogs I try but don’t go back to because they are decidedly mean spirited in their nature.  And there are blogs based on topics that simply don’t interest me.  But what I love about blogs is that it gives people a creative outlet.   In the ‘old days’ (a term I don’t like but it will do), people would write stories or books or whatever it is that interested them and (much like the character Debbie Reynolds plays in MOTHER – a movie and a character I LOVE) their creative efforts (often) would get filed away in a box, a filing cabinet or some other private place, never to be read.   Today, though, people can write their stories, get it out of their heads and hearts and out in the world to be shared.  That’s a wonderful thing.

Just like Youtube.  Oh my goodness, what did we do before Youtube?  Much of the time, my Youtubing lends itself to seeking out musical numbers, music videos, scenes from movies or tv shows or award shows and posting them on Facebok to brighten up my friends’ days.  OR… have mercy.. my favourite thing (much to the chagrin and consternation of my son, the sometime model) is seeking out MODELS FALLING DOWN.  Oh, my goodness, how I do love it.  I mean.. if you have two jobs and one of them is to look good and the other is to walk… I’m just sayin’.  But I also love people like MISS BROADWAY DORK and HEIDI IN THE PIAZZA and Keenan Cahill and MIRANDA SINGS, who use Youtube to showcase their wonderful, valid, particular talents.  These people have pages I visit and enjoy.  They express their creativity and get it out into the world.  It’s a win win thing.  Their creativity does not go unnoticed and we get entertainment.  But that’s not all… I love the video blogs of health and fitness people like Mike Chang and Davey Wavey.  I love the socio political vlogs (though, admittedly, I’d rather watch Keenan Cahill).  I just love the whole thing.

People cast things off Youtube.  People get book deals off of their blogs.  Everyone with a talent (0r no talent at all) can benefit from their blogs, vlogs and all the other social medias.

My girlfriend,  Jennifer, sometimes can’t sleep.  So she will get her laptop out, get her guitar out, film herself singing something and email me the link.  WHAT?!  How is THAT for a great use of one’s creativity?  I say (as the benefactor of her creativity) it’s a ROCKIN use of one’s creativity.  We freaking live in Star Trek, dudes.

So the people who disdain blogs and vlogs and all the rest of it are S.O.L in my camp .. I’ma keep blogging and keep reading blogs and I am, certainly, going to keep Youtubing models falling down!

I have my own Youtube channel.  My husband created it for us.  It features some videos we made for our activism.. a NOH8 related one, an It Gets Better one .. and a lot of health and fitness videos.   Though nothing about musical theater yet.  However.. who knows?

Any day now.

Here  is one of my favourite Youtube creations.



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