Be Still My Beating Heart

After my quasi serious blog yesterday about a lackluster spa experience, I decided to post a blog today that was a little more whimsical .. and certainly one that will fit in with the lusty moods being brought out in people everywhere, as spring sets in.

I was thinking about a question on The Newlywed Game one day in which each of the wives were asked to name their husbands’ celebrity crushes.  They were all right!  They were all Jennifer Aniston.  And I wondered who Pat’s celebrity crush is?  In the past it was always Jason Scott Lee.  But these days?  I realized I don’t know.  But then he probably doesn’t know mine anymore.  In the past it was Adrian Pasdar.  Lately, though, we have stopped discussing these things (probably because our biggest crush right now seems to be each other, if you need a good, healthy dose of saccharine).  

So, I’ma make MY crushes public, so Pat will know (and everyone else, too) and I would LOVE to hear who YOUR celeb crushes are.. please comment!

Here, in no particular order, are my celeb crushes, though I am going on record as saying the number one and two spots are held, firmly, by Jamie Bamber and Tristan McManus.  The rest are just icing on the cake of my lust.

These photos of  Jamie Bamber, Tristan McManus, Idris Elba, Charles Mesure, Dana Delaney, James Marsden, Daneil Dae Kim, Nick Wechsler, Sean Patrick Thomas, Matt Bomer, Yvonne Strahovski, Derek Hough, Scott Caan and the two Ryans were pulled off the internet.  They are not my intellectual property



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